Quiz Viral Marketing Idea


Do you like an online marketing app for your small business?

Do you think that your business should be dynamic?

Do you think about the revenue of your business might be boosted?

Have you ever thought about your website could have a milion of potential traffic?

We have some exciting answer and solution for you here.

You may run some funny app over your website for example quiz application. there are a lot of quiz application over facebook.

Do you know why?

With the development of facebook and it´s milions of traffic, people some time become boared due to it´s so called news feed,chatting tagging and so and so. Therefore they seek for some funny stuff or application to play and share with his/her friends.

If you are someone who can make a custom and very interesting  quiz and run it over your website , you are definitly going to receive a lot of traffic every day. People will play quizzes and share it to the facebook and the more people from facebook will return to your website to play the quizzes to get more point than others.

Do you wanna make a contact base of potential traffic?

We experienced a lot of funny app over internet. Some of them are really very cool, some of them are really difficult to get it to understand.

We can tell you about such a funny quiz application which deals with some awesome feature overthere.

What is vinnorokom facebook viral app?

Its a app which can bring a solution of all of your burning questions and discussions above.

The conditional login system of vinnorokom facebook viral app with  facebook login system brings you contactbase of potential traffic.

Wanna have a details about the app?

Follow the link here:

Vinnorokom facebook viral app

See Demo Link below:

Website : http://quiz.vinnorokom.com
Admin Demo : http://quiz.vinnorokom.com/admin-login
Admin user : admin@admin.com
Pass : 12345678