How to make a poll interesting and viral


Hi guys in our last article we discussed on How to generate highly potential traffic in the viral way.

Definitely that article was in term of facebook quiz application I mean how to generate potential traffic implementing a facebook quiz application and I also suggested vinnorokom facebook viral quiz apps.

Today we are going to discuss on how to make a poll viral or what is poll marketing.

Well, now days, one of the most sounded phrases over internet is viral marketing and how to make a thing viral. Poll is however, such a tool which can easily get a solution to your problem on era of viral marketing.

If you have facebook then you might saw that many people are playing poll or performing online voting on a lot of interesting things. And they are really viral having millions of traffic. However, a question definitely comes to the mind is that what is the benefit or outcome of playing poll?

The answer is SIMPLE!!

People and owner of the poll both are benefited in that case. Are you thinking about how that is?

Well, People are playing poll to know about what people think about the interesting poll. People play poll provide vote and share it on social media. People have fun on it and that is the benefit of user.

Owner of the poll is also benefited on the other way. The poll owners are getting benefit in two ways.

Firstly, if the owner has a website containing lots of interesting, intriguing, fascinating poll, people definitely will come to the website repeatedly to play the polls. Due to the viral characteristic of the poll play and sharing system, the potential traffic will increase in the exponent

Secondly, if the poll has facebook login system, there will be a high probability of getting a list of user information i.e email, profile, mobile number etc. which will be used for the further email marketing.

Now you can naturally ask us that how is it possible to make a poll interesting, fascinating, and intriguing?

Let’s come to the point, if you want to make a interesting and effective poll and trying to attract potential traffic to you poll, if you are very targeted audience oriented, I am recommending you to select some highly targeted poll title or question. For instance,

If you have a restaurant business you may select the poll title or question like

``What you usually eat as a breakfast?`` The options would be

1. Cold cereal

2. Hot cereal

3. Bacon and eggs

4. Eggs

5. Bacon

6. Ham and eggs

7. Toast

8. Bagel

9. French toast

10. Muffins

11. Other pastry

12. Pancakes

13. Waffles

14. Fruit

15. Banana(s)

16. Orange(s) *

17. Yogurt

18. Smoothie

19. Variety of things

20. Other

21. No opinion.

One more example

``Have you ever had cold pizza in the breakfast?`` the options could be

Yes. B. Never and C. No opinion

If you have real-estate business, you may choose the questions like

``Do the Real-Estate companies workable for you?`` the options or answers should be like

Yes  B. No. C. I have my own house.

If you have Health care or weight loss business, you can commission the poll title in the following way:

```What are the most effective way to weight loss?` the option should be

Go walking regularly

Avoid all fatty food.

Do not take fast/junk food.

Have physical exercise regular basis.

If you have Website marketing provider, then following thing suits you.

`` Which is the best way for you to get potential traffic?``

Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing.

Only Facebook marketing.

We may recommend you a quiz and poll application: vinnorokom viral marketing poll and quiz apps.

Hope the article will helps you in decision making for launching a poll and quiz website.

Vinnorokom Team